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Whether it’s in the repair shop or on the road, Wes spends hundreds of days a year
 traveling and spreading the word about his brand of roots music. A brand that combines Americana, Soul, Blues, Folk, Original Singer-Songwriter music that is "traditional with a modern twist"...
just like his guitars.

"Traditional Delta Blues Specialist"- Scott Barretta - NPR 


LIVE at Orpheum Theater, Memphis, Tn.

                                                                                                    Here's what FANS are saying about Blue Roux…..

*        If a person could close off in a room like I did, each track can take ya back in time to a new destination. I absolutely loved the horn tracks, notably "Howlin".
"Hold on Tight" was so Django, thoroughly impressed with phrasing and tasteful playing. Till one has looked at this style, "nailing the changes" isnt as easy it sounds. Fantastic job!
Enjoyed the vocals and how some of the vocal tracks were multi-layered. Lyrically speaking, word choices and crafty craftsmanship keeps the listener pulled in by the ear.
It's a wonderful representation of something that has been lost in music. Call it blues, call it Americana, call it what ya want, but when it's good, it's just good music.
Much love for keeping a dying art form alive.
Jason P.
Bogalusa, La.

*       Well I finally got to really listen to the new cd and I have to say this album is like a book and every song is like turning the page and finding something new . You can here the delta blues then you hear the Louisiana swamp with with some New Orleans Brass band in the back ground. To me this album is a journey across the south where many voices can be heard. The albums sound has more of a full body sound. I bet if you go to the Crossroads you'll hear Blue Roux.
Stan G.,
Hattiesburg, Ms.


*     So I've had a few weeks to let this sink in. I'm not a mucisian, but I know what I like. I'm an old Green Beret type with cultural awareness, kindness and consideration to my fellow man, and mostly general appreciation for all things good. There is a certain nicety about an invitation. "Rest Your Pony" brings it home.
J. Shain B,
Mobile, Al.

*      I've listened to Blue Roux a few times through, and I'm happy to say my initial impression holds up: the immediacy and intimacy of the stories; and your voice, from drawl to growl and back, is in fine form. Highlights for me are "Howlin'," "Hold On Tight," and "Tell Me," but there is much to enjoy.  Thanks, as always, for sharing your music.
Joe E.
New York, NY.
What reviewers are saying about Wes Lee…..
An exciting acoustic bluesman that will make the bass string of your soul vibrate with some rowdy, growly, dirty low down, deep hard feelin' blues. He's got it going and he don't care who knows it.

Frank Matheis
Publisher: thecountryblues.com
Contributing writer: Living Blues

In the new "Wood & Steel" album by Wes Lee, the musician takes the listeners back to the essence of music: feeling good while listening. Wes Lee wants us feel comfortable and at home here several times and refers to in his songs. Much is contained in your heart and in the memories we share together. Wes Lee combines in his music the fingerpicking with slides, a soulful bluesy engaging and dynamic whole, which many music lovers will delight.

Eric Schuurmans 

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