Welcome to the Repair Shop!

     Wes graduated from Red Wing Tech School, in Red Wing, Mn., and has been delivering high quality, affordable repair work for 26 years. After doing work for Drum Corps International (DCI) power houses such as The Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Academy,  among others, the newest adventure has been the building of a mobile, full service repair shop. This mobile shop is tailored for on-site work at band camps, marching festivals and events. Wes is a certified N.A.P.B.I.R.T. technician.





Below are samples of some work!




On-Site Repairs-

On-Site Repairs can range anywhere from Emergency Style repairs to Good Playing Condition repairs to Mechanical Overhauls, whatever your needs are. For example, at a marching festival, Emergency or Specific Issues are possibly the only problems addressed, however while at a scheduled school visit, the goal may be to put the instruments in Good Playing Condition, and I take the Overhauls back to main shop for service and return.  Whatever the need, we can handle.


Woodwind Repairs-

Good Playing Condition (GPC)- is defined as work that includes checking/testing all pads, corks, felts. Test for air leaks, test mechanical action, check and adjust spring tensions, oil all mechanisms, regulation of instrument, play test.    Worn / torn / rotted pads, corks, felts are replaced at additional charge.

***Pro Tip: If half or more pads are worn, have been wet, or show signs of being bug eaten, the                 instrument needs to be repadded.

Repad- Instrument is disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, then new pads installed. Corks, felts are installed as needed. Instrument assembled, regulated, oiled, adjusted, test played. Wood body is oiled if needed. No key or body polish.

Mechanical Overhaul- Instrument is disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, keys and body polished, keys swedged and refit. All new pads, all new corks, all new felts installed. Instrument assembled, regulation, oil, adjust, play test. Wood bodies are oiled. Instrument is made as close to new as possible.

Other Miscellaneous Repairs-

  • Pads
  • Corks
  • Springs
  • Headjoint cork
  • Tenon cork
  • Neck cork
  • Spring replacement
  • Crack pinning


Brasswind Repairs-

Chemical Flush- Disassembled, ultrasonic chemical flush, new corks, new felts, adjust valves, springs as needed, polish mouthpiece, clean case.

***High polish of silver instruments extra.

Trombone Slide Work- ultrasonic chemical flush, aligned, straightened, remove tube dents, remove skew, new corks, new felts, bumpers. End crook dents extra.

Other Miscellaneous Repairs-

  • Dent Work
  • Solder Joints
  • Valve Repairs
  • Frozen Slides
  • Stuck Mouthpiece
  • Restring Rotor
  • Polish


All Dent Work is By Estimate Only.