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Wes Lee is releasing his 8th record of original music, this one in entitled Blue Roux. For the southern cook, you know a roux is a simple mixture which adds thickening and depth to any dish. You can apply that same description to the music with a Blues note that Wes Lee has created on this current record. This solo musician is capable of carrying an entire ensemble by himself with the artful tracking done by his Mojo Hand Studio. Wes keeps the root of it all with his resonator guitar but adds in a cornet, a sousaphone, washboard, banjo, percussion and brings it all together with his voice. If you have heard Wes live or any of his other recordings, you know that he is a fingerpicker who can carry the melody and the bass lines all by himself. On this record he does that expertly with “Shake”, “Every Night”, “Chains That Bind”, “The Legend of the 12:05”, and “Goin Away”. These selections range from the sultry, story telling and reminiscence, all very powerful songs with resonator and voice. Although it is just him and guitar, they each have a different feel and rhythm. The other 5 songs have a combination of instruments that have a modern complexity of musicianship but presented in an authentically old style of string band or street band that you may have heard in the south 100 years ago. “Rest Your Pony” brings you towards Appalachia while “Tell Me” sends you to a humid afternoon around New Orleans. “Howlin” has an almost latin feel maybe from a Cuban sugar plantation while “House Party” is decidedly cajun. “Hold On Tight” takes you to a city street corner with a string and brass band and chorus. This newest record from Wes Lee is sure to impress with its incorporation of modern sounds with the essence of the old Blues and Roots of the south. You would be hard pressed to find any other modern recording produced by an independent musician that has this same level of complexity, talent, and variety. I suggest you thicken up your musical library with the addition of this music, this Blue Roux of Wes Lee.  Track Listing: 1. Shake 2. Howlin 3. Legend of the 12:05 4. Rest Your Pony 5. Chains That Bind 6. Hold on Tight 7. Every Night 8. House Party 9. Goin Away 10. Tell Me

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